We will assist your child in the task of preparing and developing important tools for their job search process... Read more


North Shore Career Consulting guides students through the stressful and sometimes unnerving interviewing process... Read more


After the successful interview process either for an internship or a full-time job, there is still work to do... Read more

North Shore Career Consulting provides college students and recent college graduates with guidance throughout the internship and job search process. This can be a very overwhelming and uncertain time for many students and their parents. This coupled with the lack of meaningful guidance from school career centers and the pressure and insecurity of the ever changing job market can become demoralizing and frustrating. We supplement any guidance or support services and take it further by creating individualized objectives and plans for your student. Our “high touch” approach is designed to create a positive, encouraging and empowering process. Ideal timing to begin with these services are while students are in college so they can get a jump on their search and have a more directed path to their career objectives.

Led by Laura McDermott, North Shore Career Consulting's goal is to help our grown kids leverage their college degrees by giving them the skills and the confidence to become the most competitive job applicant possible.

Laura has a solid and successful track record as a Recruiter, working with candidates from around the globe to assist them in advancing their career through coaching, prepping and ushering through a successful interview process. Read more . . .

North Shore Career Consulting offers flexible hours and means of communication to accommodate busy college students and recent graduates. Sessions can be either face-to-face, phone conversations or video (Skype or FaceTime) for added convenience for those students away at school. Our goal is to create comfort and confidence personalized for each person navigating the internship or job search.

North Shore Career Consulting does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, citizenship, ethnic or national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Individualized Resources

  • Personal online interview tracking tool
  • Customized informational and resource binder
  • Meeting summary, follow up and next steps
  • Electronic appointment reminders
  • Interview prep checklist and debrief availability

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